Meet Our Team

Danny Duchene, CR Inside National Director

Danny Duchene

National Director
CR Inside

I am a Celebrate Recovery Inside "Happy Customer". I began Celebrate Recovery in 2003 while incarcerated at the Jamestown, CA prison. I was the pastor of an In-Custody Purpose Driven church and we were looking for…

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Kent Whitaker, CR Inside NW Team Lead

Kent Whitaker

Team Lead NW Region, OR State Rep
CR Inside

I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ & celebrating recovery over drug & alcohol addiction. I’m married to my lovely wife Jennie & have a career in the real estate industry. I was born in Chicago, moved & grew up…

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John Brennan CR Inside North Central Team Lead

John Brennan

Team Lead North Central Region, IL State Rep

John attended his first CR meeting in January 1996. He started researching recovery groups in 1998 and settled on CR in the same year. After 18 months of preparing, CR was launched at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Paramount, CA on March 17, 2000…

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Nancy Dowd, CR Inside NE Team Lead

Nancy Dowd

Team Lead NE Region, NY State Rep
CR Inside

Nancy Dowd is the CR Inside State Rep for New York, and the CR Inside Team Lead NE Region. She attended her first Summit in 2005, to learn how to start CR in her church, but when she heard the introduction of…

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Bret Gordon, CR Inside SW Team Lead

Bret Gordon

Team Lead SW Region, CA State Rep
CR Inside

I am a faithful follower of Jesus Christ who's celebrating victory over 37+ years of drug & alcohol addiction and my name is Bret Gordon. I was born and raised in Southern California and currently…

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Denver Sasser, CR Inside SE Team Lead

Denver Sasser

Team Lead SE Region, AL State Rep
CR Inside

I am a grateful believer and follower of Jesus Christ who came to recovery 27 years ago under the lash of alcohol. For many years I attended a traditional recovery program where I was able to put aside my alcohol abuse…

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Bobby Pepper, Southeast Regional Editor

Bobby Pepper

Southeast Regional Editor
CR Inside Newsletter

Bobby Pepper, who serves as Southeast regional editor for the CR Inside newsletter, is community news editor for the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal in Tupelo, MS. He has been with the Daily Journal since 1985…

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Marian Collins, South-Central Regional Editor

Marian Collins

South-Central Regional Editor
CR Inside Newsletter

I was approached the fall of 2004 by a friend who informed me that Celebrate Recovery was going to be starting at our church and asked if I would like to be involved...uh yes! Jan. 2005 was our start up date. I've led five step studies…

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David Gerhart, Northwest Regional Editor

David Gerhart

Northwest Regional Editor
CR Inside Newsletter

David's life has been an allegory of the Prodigal Son. (Luke 15:11-32) As a committed believer, David genuinely enjoys a multidimensional passion for service. He is currently the CR Inside Ministry Leader for Shutter Creek Prison near North Bend, Oregon.

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Tom S. Hammack, Webmaster

Tom S. Hammack


Tom Hammack is the Owner of Wizzert Solutions located in Tulsa, OK. Tom has been in the technology field for 20+ years, and has a passion for all things "geek". Tom and his wife Jo Ann are active in the CR Inside ministry…

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